You don’t have to take our word for it. These superstar clients have said it for us.

We’re about making people happy.  It makes us proud to know we’ve changed so many lives for the better and it’s a warm, fuzzy feeling we get reading some of the lovely things clients have said about us.  Thank you!


“I attended the neurodiversity workshop as a neurodiverse person myself, purely to see what new things I could learn. It really highlighted some of the simple yet impactful changes that organisations can make, to support people to become the best they can be.

I particularly liked the activity when we looked at colleague work patterns and behaviours, because it highlighted some of the assumptions we make, without knowing the full story. Becca is a great speaker and her presentation was very informative. I would thoroughly recommend attending a session if you can, because it’s amazing what you can learn about yourself and others.”

Reb Robb, Campaign for Learning

Here at Quorum Park we were looking for new ways to reach staff and support them upon their return to the workplace. We’ve accepted that beanbags and free pizzas just won’t cut it for ‘perks’ in a post pandemic world. Instead we wanted to concentrate on developing the idea of ‘office time’ being beneficial for personal development when hybrid working. The idea of being able to offer our staff coaching and time to work on themselves is a real boost to our wellbeing programme and the response from staff has been amazing. 

What I particularly enjoyed about the sessions was Becca doesn’t come up with solutions in sessions, she guides the participant to come up with the solution themselves which is definitely more effective. I know both myself and a number of colleagues have felt the benefit of that approach!

It was really well received by participants, many of whom were surprised how impactful one session could be. I strongly recommend any business interested in supporting the personal development of their team explores doing something similar. I’d also say, some of the strategies I undertook to manage my workload after having a session have really improved how I prioritise my time and planning so I can confirm sessions are likely to improve efficiencies in the workplace too.”

Laura McGrath, Quorum Business Park



From burn-out to stand-out

This is a little story of how our coaching can transform a life.

We started working with “John” as he was extremely stressed, working in an environment where he always wanted to do more and achieve everything.  If John achieved a goal, his answer was to set a higher one.

This had resulted in John becoming exhausted.  Napping at home, not sleeping on a night, arguing with his partner and generally leading a life far from happy.

We coached John through an assessment of his behaviour, focusing on the key question of “why?” Why had these things become so important to him and were they the things that really mattered deep down?  What would be the impact if he thought about things differently? He was able to reflect on this challenger thinking and question the behaviour he had fallen into.

We then supported John through changing his response and thought patterns at work and at home to create a more balanced environment where he was aware of his motivations and values and what he could do to fulfil them in a positive way.  Six sessions in and John’s energy had completely changed – delivering the same results at work but without the mania and pressure he usually felt.  He had more energy and finished up with a promotion that year which he felt would never have happened had it not been for his coaching programme.

“Through my coaching session with Becca I was able to take a vague and loose goal and focus on and define what it was that I really wanted to achieve with clear outcomes and intentions. 

Becca has a very natural and comfortable style of coaching and the session was really enjoyable and productive. 

I left the session with new ideas and a definite plan of action. Success!”

Marie Munro, Kymab

“Every session she gave me new insights about myself, theories on how to handle things in a different way and how to apply them in the ‘real world’. 

Becca is a very friendly person with a great understanding of human nature. She treats you with respect and humour. Since working together, I have found I am more calm, less stressed and it is easier for me now to set my boundaries towards others. I am looking forward to our further collaboration!”


“It’s hard to know where to start with expressing how much Becca helped me to manage and understand many of the challenges that I didn’t even realise were there to begin with…. but i’ll try!

I had heard of ‘Imposter Syndrome’ a year or so ago, and after watching Becca’s videos on her website, along with some other Google info, identified that this was definitely something that resonated with me, and could be the underlying factor in many of the daily challenges I was having with e.g. over-procrastinating, over-preparing, undue anxiety, not being able to focus, constantly being in the ‘fight or flight’ state whilst trying to concentrate, amongst many other things that Becca helped me to understand.

Over a total of 6 sessions Becca taught me how many of the things I was experiencing were very common, mostly down to standard human behaviour & ‘mechanics’, along with exploring how my past roles, my upbringing and how ‘nature’ vs ‘nurture’ can affect who we are and how we see the World and manage daily challenges.

Following each session I was set ‘homework’ tasks that helped me to realise & identify between sessions what my strengths were and how to use them… and in actual fact that my strengths were just that, and not some sort of ‘cheat’ I had used to ‘blag’ my way through my career (which is where the imposter syndrome comes in).

I could go on & on but in a nutshell I am so much more productive, relaxed, confident & ‘present’ than I was prior, not only at work but also around my family, kids & friends…

Thanks Becca, your work here is done ! :-)”

Phillip Holtby, Senior Customer Success Manager at SCANMARKETS 

“I decided to attend the Leadership Co-coaching network to develop my leadership skills, improve how I manage my team, meet people who have similar aims and to connect with those like-minded people to learn from their experiences.

My behaviour, particularly around colleagues has changed throughout the programme. I spend more time listening to my colleagues (not just hearing, but truly listening to what they are saying). Additionally, I find myself coaching colleagues and team members, rather than advising, to allow them to come up with their own ideas and solutions.

Throughout the program I have engaged and made connections with a lot of new people, this is down to the creative and stimulating activities in each session and the breakout rooms. The structure of the sessions are precise, going over the context of the session and often backed up with data and information from scientific studies. The activities towards the end of the session then follow on nicely. These are both captivating and insightful.

A key realisation for me following the sessions is the desire to engage with other people, coach (to some extent) and listen to their perspective. 

The Leadership Co-coaching network has already had an impact on my career and will certainly make a difference in the near and distant future on my career, there is no doubt in my mind.”

– Dale Calder, AAF International

“I recently benefited from a coaching session with Becca in which she helped me work through a work-related challenge.

Becca is a pleasure to work with, is a great listener and is easy to talk to. I came away from the session not only feeling much clearer about the steps I needed to take, but also with a clear action plan of how I was going to put them in place. A lot covered in an hour!

I would recommend Becca as an approachable, personable and knowledgeable coach – I have learned lots from her!”

 Zoe Cornforth, Head of People Operations at Pragmatic


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