The Brighty People bespoke workshops are created to empower your employees and improve their progress, confidence, and well-being as part of their ongoing development.


Becca and the Brighty Team utilise a wealth of knowledge and experience in Psychology, Business Psychology and Neuropsychology to design focus modules on topics of interest.

Focus modules are designed and tailored to a variety of different groups and individuals including workplace learning and development programs, women’s group and talks, corporate networking events, personal development and more

Empower your employees and improve their progress, confidence, and well-being.

For example, previous workshops/talks have covered

  • Wellbeing
  • Women’s Workplace Confidence
  • Individual and Team Dynamics
  • Developing a Coaching Leadership Style
  • The Neuroscience of Organisational Change
  • Building a High Trust Organisation


People are the forefront of who we are at Brighty People.

We offer a wide range of bespoke workshops and focus modules which can be tailored towards corporate and private events, conferences, and personal development.

Workplace Learning and Development Programmes

We create and deliver focus modules on key topics tailored to the group / individual as part of the development programme.

These modules can be incorporated into a variety of training and development programmes including leadership and management.

Networking, Corporate Events and Conferences

Providing a wide range of subject topics and focus modules which are both engaging, fun and interactive encompassing a wide variety of skills and activities to promote open and engaging conversations.

Personal Development and More…

An individualised approach to create a better understanding, support, and provide you with tools and techniques to use during and after the session by identifying your strengths and increase confidence.

About Brighty People

Why choose Brighty People?

All of Brighty People’s workshops are designed with a deep understanding of human behaviour and people science at their core.

Becca’s experience, both lived and professionally means gives her the ability to create learning experiences that really connect with attendees and invoke increased self-awareness and real change.

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