You don’t have to take our word for it. These superstar clients have said it for us.

We’re about making people happy.  It makes us proud to know we’ve changed so many lives for the better and it’s a warm, fuzzy feeling we get reading some of the lovely things clients have said about us.  Thank you!

“We quickly saw the benefit of the hiring assessments and the service provided by Brighty People.  The extra insights provided by have helped us drive down employee turnover and have the confidence that we are setting ourselves up for long-lasting employee relationships.  We use the reports to ensure that we are keeping our team happy and the excellent scores achieved in our employee engagement surveys have confirmed this.”

“After 3 or 4 sessions, I saw the first benefits of your approach: better self-acceptance, better stress management and better organization in my daily tasks.

My communication with others has also changed: more concern and empathy has improved my relationships with my colleagues. I have no doubt your coaching sessions helped me get promoted to my current position of regional sales manager.”


“As a result I saw my stress level diminish at work. I am also able to communicate more effectively with my colleagues, even when I am stressed, which was a challenge for me.  I would recommend Becca for her warmth and empathy but without losing the ability to make you reflect on yourself and take the steps needed to get further toward your goal.”



From burn-out to stand-out

This is a little story of how our coaching can transform a life.

We started working with “John” as he was extremely stressed, working in an environment where he always wanted to do more and achieve everything.  If John achieved a goal, his answer was to set a higher one.

This had resulted in John becoming exhausted.  Napping at home, not sleeping on a night, arguing with his partner and generally leading a life far from happy.

We coached John through an assessment of his behaviour, focusing on the key question of “why?” Why had these things become so important to him and were they the things that really mattered deep down?  What would be the impact if he thought about things differently? He was able to reflect on this challenger thinking and question the behaviour he had fallen into.

We then supported John through changing his response and thought patterns at work and at home to create a more balanced environment where he was aware of his motivations and values and what he could do to fulfil them in a positive way.  Six sessions in and John’s energy had completely changed – delivering the same results at work but without the mania and pressure he usually felt.  He had more energy and finished up with a promotion that year which he felt would never have happened had it not been for his coaching programme.

Companies we work with

“Every session she gave me new insights about myself, theories on how to handle things in a different way and how to apply them in the ‘real world’. 

Becca is a very friendly person with a great understanding of human nature. She treats you with respect and humour. Since working together, I have found I am more calm, less stressed and it is easier for me now to set my boundaries towards others. I am looking forward to our further collaboration!”


“The coaching sessions with Becca helped me make small adjustments that make all the difference. I would warmly recommend her to anyone looking for that little push towards a happier work-life.”


“Becca coached me as part of a small group of coaches. She is calm and patient in her approach with an ability to challenge in a positive way which also keeps you safe. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a first-class coach.”

 Maria Richardson

“Rebecca is ace. She’s got bags of enthusiasm, and I would recommend her brain to anybody. Excellent ideas.”

Dom Smith, Editor, Soundsphere Magazine

“We hired Brighty People to help us identify our strengths and weaknesses as a team and a business on our path to growth.  Using personal values assessments and cross-referencing these with performance areas and values of the business we were able to identify our success path priorities and areas of mindfulness as we move the business forward.  It left us with a new level of self-awareness that will help in our decision-making.  ”

 Jodine Milne-Reader, Owner, CX Marketing