Staff turnover and retention issues?

Employee Engagement Suffering?

Low employee satisfaction?

I help you hire employees that will want to stay.

Hard skills are only a small part of the picture.  Values-based recruitment techniques can give you understanding how, where and with whom an employee will be happiest working will help you select and nurture the right employee and experience for a long-term partnership.

My bespoke psychological assessments of your future employee will map out their values, passions and motivations.  This insight will not only feed into your tailored interview process but will help in selection and onboarding of successful candidates.

I tailor each assessment based on your own company environment and the role you are asking them to do, working collaboratively with you throughout the whole process to support your recruitment and selection process. 

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Bespoke psychological assessments and values based recruitment of your candidates, tailored to the business and role.

A Brighty People employee assessment is a step apart from the rest.

I am a highly experienced organisational psychologist and I tailor my approach to each client.  

I don’t use “off-the-shelf” reports.  I prefer to build bespoke assessments based on my pre-evaluation research and collaboration with each business for optimum values based recruitment.  This ensures that I have a true picture of the values and skills your employees need to do their job.

IDENTIFY YOUR company values

I talk to you to find out about your company culture and the specifics of the role you are recruiting for. Drawing out your true corporate values through behaviour analysis I build a values profile with which to match potential candidates.


I use the insight I have gained about your values to create a bespoke formula for your candidate hiring assessment. Incorporating Harrison methodology my formula takes into account the strengths, passions and motivations your candidates will need to match your company culture and role profile.


My bespoke approach means I spend time with your project stakeholders understanding the requirements of the positions you are recruiting for. From this I build a picture of the skills, strengths and values that a successful candidate would need to fill the role successfully before weaving this into your tailored assessments.


My findings are presented to and discussed with your company/hiring manager and any questions you may have about the candidate will be answered. I then support you through the ongoing values based recruitment selection and interview process to help you understand and use the candidate insight I have produced for you.


This tailored assessment is used to evaluate each of your candidates through analysing their behaviours and identifying key traits related to their workplace behaviours and preferences.

Within the report you will receive a % score of how well they meet the business values profile, the risks they would bring, how well they would perform under pressure in that role and an overall % score of their suitability. A key drivers section, highlighting the candidate primary motivations, is also included, along with a remote working assessment of how well they would cope in this environment. View example report.

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