Work success is about people.

That's why we should focus on them.

I help design the work life people want.

A unique blend of psychology and coaching techniques allows me to step into your business and transform your employee thinking through group, 1-2-1 and workshop-led coaching.

Coaching in the business environment is a partnership of honest and trust, where I can generate true change and bring real impact to your working environment and teams.


Transformational Coaching

Brighty coaching in the business environment uses a mix of psychology, human behaviour and organisational behaviour techniques to uncover and use true motivations, strengths and values to guide career focus and development.


Working with teams and business leaders my workshops leave you knowing exactly who your business is, where its values lie and how you can build and shape your team to play their part in nurturing it.

Employee Evaluations

Covering both pre-hire and existing employee assessments, my uniquely tailored evaluations help you deeply understand the employee values, preferences and cultural fit that you need to make their role a success.

Online Courses

We offer regular online courses and self-coaching for individuals and corporate teams.
workplace coaching and workshops

Key coach Becca is the founder of Brighty People and her global aim is for everyone to realise true happiness through their work.  A strong goal we know but 5 minutes in Becca's infectious company and you'd be agreeing with us that she could do it. 

 Hello, I am Becca Brighty, founder of Brighty People. I am an organisational psychologist and business coach, passionate about making a real difference to people’s working lives and organisational productivity. My unique tool box of qualifications, skills and experience make me great at helping people to thrive. Depending on the individual and business I simply dip into this toolbox to select the right solution. My qualifications include a psychology degree, a masters in Occupational Psychology and a postgrad cert in business and personal coaching. I am also trained in various personality testing, including Harrison Assessments. My experience with numerous companies and individuals to coach them to a better workplace includes working as an Occupational Psychologist for the NHS. In my career I also co-founded a values-based recruitment app, so have experience of the crazy world of tech start-ups and first-hand knowledge of how much further passion can take a person than a pay-cheque can. I have real empathy for those I work with. I personally have managed my own struggles with anxiety and imposter syndrome. I know first-hand how it feels not to believe in your own ability and how to challenge and overcome this thinking.

From the horse's mouth

The coaching sessions with Becca helped me make small adjustments that make all the difference. I would warmly recommend her to anyone looking for that little push towards a happier work-life.
My communication with others has changed: more concern and empathy has improved my relationships with my colleagues. I have no doubt your coaching sessions helped me get promoted.



My style is to enjoy the process!  Coaching can be a scary prospect for many but not with us, we develop true connections with the people we work with.  


I live and breathe helping people at work and coaching in a business environment. My own development never stops with continuously improving my knowledge through public speaking, ongoing qualifications, peer networking and publishing my own works and white papers. Read the latest guides on working remotely and recruiting for Gen Z


My job is not to say yes but to challenge thinking to improve lives for others.  Honesty is where true happiness starts.  I have a major impact on many people's lives and accordingly take my position very seriously.  With Brighty people you are hiring a company that genuinely wants to help you.


I wouldn't be able to do what I do without a natural curiosity for people and their behaviours.  It's this that gives me my understanding of people that plays such a fundamental part in changing their lives.  

Start a new work place vibe here

It all starts with a friendly chat.  

If you’d like to tell me more about a problem or opportunity you’re facing with employee motivation/engagement or anything else then I’d love to hear from you.  No commitment, no hard sell, just an honest answer and proposal of what I could do for you through coaching in a business environment.

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